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All exercises in Dynamic Models in Chemistry have been completed and are being ported to Virtlab now. During the port they are available to all interested parties (and their students, if any) free of charge. Write us at [email protected] for free access to the full set of Chemistry exercises as they develop!

Dynamic Models in Chemistry

Daniel E. Atkinson, University of California, Los Angeles
Douglas C. Brower, Blast, Inc.
Ronald McClard, Reed College

Many beginning chemistry students find even simple quantitative relationships difficult to visualize. Dynamic Models in Chemistry offers your students an environment within which they can build mathematical models with the same facility they now build ball-and-stick models of chemical structures. Students build and explore representations of physical processes and chemical reactions that might otherwise be beyond their grasp.

Students learn how to
  • "Teach" their computers the stoichiometric relationships that tie the laboratory to the atomic world.
  • Build simple and "realistic" models of gas behavior in enclosed vessels.
  • Explore various methods for solving equilibrium problems and interrogate their models to get a sense of the behavior of systems in equilibrium.
  • Build and explore models of numerous, real chemical reactions and observe directly the relationship between reversible chemical reactions and dynamic equilibrium.
Table of Contents
  • CHAPTER 1: Getting Started 
  • CHAPTER 2: Stoichiometry
  • CHAPTER 3: Gases 
  • CHAPTER 4: Liquids and Solutions
  • CHAPTER 5: Chemical Equilibrium
  • CHAPTER 6: Acids and Bases
  • CHAPTER 7: Kinetics
  • CHAPTER 8: Thermodynamics